Women Hunting

December 20, 2015

Writer Kim Hiss discovered her own symbiotic relationship with animals in winter.  She was working as an editor for Field and Stream Magazine and it was her first hunt. 



Thanks for the insightful interview. As a woman coming from a non-hunting family, but who always wanted to go out, it took a quite few years to connect with people who did hunt (I've always fished). It's been one of the best additions to my life, in terms of my connection to food in the freezer, a new understanding about community of people I hunt with, time spent outside, as well as new physical skill development and a point of focus for me to keep in mind as I grow older and healthier in some important ways. In many ways, hunting season is better than Christmas; everyone participates, everyone shares. At 50+ years, I still look forward to bow and waterfowl hunting; hopefully I'll be able to make that happen in the next few years. It was very good to hear your show. Thank you again!

Greatly appreciated the perspective of a woman who came to hunting as an adult. As a male who grew up (6 years onward) hunting and fishing, I've long believed that much of the violence in our society could be reduced by getting young people in the field and on the lakes at an early age. I've long held the views Ms. Hiss expressed regarding the relationship between hunter, game, and food, in my case the act came first without much thought except the sensory enjoyment of the out-of-doors, and with maturity and introspection came awareness. Cello-wrapped meat on a styrofoam tray insulates the consumer physically and philosophically regarding flesh that we put in our mouths. I can no longer hunt because of physical issues, and I miss the practice deeply.