President Nasheed Rages Against Climate Change

President Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives, is on a mission to save his country from the rising seas brought on by climate change.  He's a highly visible member of the global community advocating for a strong, rapid response to the crisis.  For Nasheed, it's  extremely personal.  If predictions are correct, the Maldives could soon be submerged.  Nasheed is the subject of the new documentary "The Island President."  NEW AND UNCUT.

President Nasheed on Saving the Maldives from Climate Change

Mohamed Nasheed on Saving the Maldives

Mohamed Nasheed is on a mission to save his country.  The Maldives is one of the nations most vulnerable to the effects of climate change; some models predict that the Maldives could be underwater in a few decades.

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