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Poet Rae Armantrout on Reading Poetry Out Loud
You know poems can be different things to different people: solace, a call to action, beauty. A reflection on war. But to Rae Armantrout there’s one thing that all poetry should be - read out loud.
Celebrate National Poetry Month with our Top Ten Readings
Over the years To the Best of Our Knowledge has interviewed some amazing poets. Hearing their words in our headphones has been for us a great joy. For this National Poetry, we compiled ten of our...
Meet The Philosopher-King of Cat Videos
Henri Le Chat Noir is a black and white cat who speaks fractured French over moody French music in a series of wildly popular YouTube shorts. We talked with his creator, Seattle filmmaker Will Braden.
Singer Diamanda Galas: The 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
There are many ways to react to the tragedies of the past. Politically. Historically. And even… musically.
Novelist Remembers Armenian Massacre, 100 Years Later
 Judith Claire MItchell's first novel  “The Last Day of the War” is set just after World War I, when Europe's peace brokers decided to ignore the Armenian massacres.  She talks about the painful...
Sowing Your Wild Oats in Mid-Life
the word sex on iron
Robin Rinaldi was mid-life, mid-career and mid-married when she launcher her wild oats project -- a year spent exploring sex.
T.C. Boyle Talks "The Harder They Come"
Celebrated novelist T.C. Boyle talks about his latest book, "The Harder They Come," which explores the roots of violence in America.
Michel Faber makes Arthur C. Clarke Award Shortlist
Michel Faber's novel, "The Book of Strange New Things," is one of six books recently shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award for best science fiction novel. He talked to Steve...
Satirist Stan Freberg Dies at 88
Legendary humorist Stan Freberg died on Tuesday at age 88. His life as a "guerrilla satirist," musician, and ad mad influenced everyone from The Beatles to "Weird Al" Yankovic.
From Public Housing to Published Novels: The Journey of Penelope Fitzgerald
Penelope Fitzgerald didn't publish her first novel until age 60. But those previous 60 years—where, at various points, she was homeless, living on a houseboat, and working tirelessly to support...