Producer Picks

Annie Duke on the Life Lessons of Poker
Annie Duke won the 2006 World Series of Poker, and knows a thing or two about luck vs. skill. In this interview, she talks about how her poker knowledge can translate to other aspects of life.
On Our Minds: The Eurozone Crisis
European leaders are once again trying to hash out an agreement with Greece to resolve its debt crisis. If a deal isn’t reached, Greece could leave, or be removed from, the Eurozone. That could ...
Fear and Horror in the Wilderness: An Interview with Author Ben Percy
A new novel from Benjamin Percy is a reason to keep the lights on; nobody writes fear the way he does. His latest is The Dead Lands, a wilderness story with a twist: it's set in a post...
A Lifetime of Fighting: An Interview with Ronda Rousey
At 27, Ronda Rousey might be one of the best pound-for-pound mixed martial artists fighting today. Boasting an undefeated MMA record, she’s blown through her competition, winning a majority of her...
Judith Claire Mitchell on Chemical Weapons, Suicide, and Humor
One hundred years ago, Fritz Haber invented the first chemical weapon and convinced the German army to use it. His wife Clara, also a chemist, fiercely opposed her husband's project. When she...
Life After Letterman
Steve Young has been a writing for David Letterman since 1990, but on one fact-finding mission for the segment "Dave's Record Collection," Young discovering an entirely forgotten genre...
Werner Herzog's Required Reading - The Peregrine
Werner Herzog
In his own words, celebrated filmmaker Werner Herzog discusses the book The Peregrine, as well as other required readings for his Rogue Film School.
A Gold Medalist Still Fighting For Recognition
At age 17, Claressa Shields won Olympic gold in women's middleweight boxing, and hoped that would be a start of sponsorship deals, recognition, and success. But that hasn't happened yet.
Remembering the Beautiful and Challenging Work of Artist Chris Burden
Pioneering performance artist Chris Burden died of malignant melanoma Sunday morning, May 10th. Though he was never a guest on our show, his pioneering and challenging art came up in a conversation...
Colm Toibin on Poet Elizabeth Bishop
Elizabeth Bishop
The celebrated Irish novelist Colm Toibin talks about his admiration for the poet Elizabeth Bishop and the kinship he feels for her.