What Early Christian Texts Suggest About the Life of Jesus

April 5, 2015

Karen King is a historian at the Harvard Divinity School. Her books include "The Secret Revelation of John" and "What is Gnosticism?" King tells Anne Strainchamps that there are many early Christian texts that didn't make it into the Bible and that they give us a much fuller understanding of what it means to be a Christian.



Karen King has knack for over representing the importance of the texts she studies.

Most of the texts she refers too are not that early.

Just as people paint in the style of "famous artists" in order to make money by selling

the paintings to naive buyers, people wrote Gospels according to...

in order to sell those manuscripts to naive readers.

Others made up their gospels to try to prove that Jesus was on the side of

their sect.

I get that K. King's take brings discomfort.
The wonder of her work and the work of others is - a broader appreciation of the historical Jesus.
A history that shakes off the co-option & confusion - centuries old.
In my mind the question is:
Are we prepared to seek an answer?