Keli Carender on the Tea Party

November 6, 2011

Keli Carender is a Seattle area blogger considered by many to be the very first Tea Party activist.  She tells Steve Paulson what the first protests were like.



Wow, everything she said makes so much sense. Remember the founding of the country and the whole weak federal government + strong states = success? I had forgotten all about that until this interview reminded me. We really don't have to have a federal administrator to spoon feed us and change our diapers?

Keli Carrender didn't seem to have any well thought out ideas - beyond bumper-sticker slogans - about what she would do if she had the power to change government. She also said she was on the payroll of some national right-wing group. If you all at NPR now feel the need to give your valuable air time to the wealthy, right wing fringe of our political system, at least give us the ability to hear directly from those who are actually financing and driving the push to destroy liberal ideas of democracy... including all ideas of a free press.

Keli Carrender exemplifies the "I'm ignorant and proud of it" aspect of the Tea Party despite her insistence that she is educated in her brief bio-blurb elsewhere on the TTBOOK site including her claim that she "attended the University of Oxford." She's proof that it is very possible to "have attended" without learning anything....

Wow, she is surprisingly uninformed. How many times did she say, "What do they do?" Maybe should find out before she says they should be eliminated.

This is the first time I've listened to your program on NPR. Sat. Jan. 7, 2012. Excellect interview and topic. Keli has a different and fresh outlook on economic issues.She's articulate and well-informed. I like the three guiding priciples that her group is focusing on. It's so true that many conservative people think their civic duty is only at election time, instead of year round. She's given the wake-up call for everyone to get involved throughout the year. Enjoyed this discussion very much.

what a self-important little person!
doesn't know what she doesn't know and is proud of it. she has problems traveling to DC but no problem traveling all over for the tea party.

Keli Carender focuses on smaller government, balanced budget and free markets. Her voice, straight forward and clear on the topics describes the frustration many see today. With it, solutions transferring federal programs to local levels within reach of people to influence.
Her clarity startles people. She is sane, open, and articulate. Her interviews surprise people expecting some stereotype that does not arrive. This stereotype is a product of media and some unwelcome "party crashers" at events.

Keli- I loved your stance on on the much too large gov't. A good example would be an episode of LHOTP- Mrs Oleson takes over the position of school marm from Laura-and tries to teach the kids things like French-(The language, not the dressing) and when the state school board inspector comes to visit- he rebukes her because of the fact that who in the hell in Walnut Grove is goin to do much more than farm in his life?? check out the episode if ya can and keep up the good work!!!
dusty felker-