At the Hour of Our Death - Sarah Sudhoff

April 20, 2014

Photographer Sarah Sudhoff has made art out of death.



I am a first time listener. Your show is on at 5 am on WKSU. I liked the show. You said we could see Sudhoff images on your site. I only saw one small one. I will google her name.

To see the images, click on "To see her photos CLICK HERE".

Are you FUCKING kidding me!?
I'm disgusted and horrified that you would call the death of a 60 year old woman's urine and suicide blood beautiful.
You obviously still have a mother, who didn't shoot herself in the face!
You ruined my Easter with this program.

Pretty much everyone dies. Pretty much no one looks good doing it. Is it dignified? Not really, but if you look at it the right way it is beautiful. If you can't wrap your mind around that, maybe you should stick to Thomas Kindade, kittens, and sunsets.

Grow up or get a life.
If you can't take this stuff - don't look.

These images bring us closer to a subject our culture denies us: death. I want to know more about and embrace this important part of Life, especially as I approach an age when some die of old age. BTW, I survived the suicide of a loved one - and contemplated it myself - and these photos actually ground these experiences in a positive way for me. Thank you.

While there may be 101 things to do with a dead cat , if humor is the only response to a fresh graphic of what may be interpreted by a child (at least ) as Tragedy, thus deflecting the response of respectively and responsibly meeting the obligation of actively doing the right thing in response to death (or a picture of it ), then we have surely lost some natural human nurture ( HUSH ) THAT at least in the past accompanied sights of incredible gore ( Antietam ) now when I see pictures of beaches filled with miles of piles of what used to live in the pacific Ocean, and yes,a silent understanding that this landscape reveals a truth about human greed (G.E. Tepco ) and the feeling that I can do little about this obvious Mental (earth wide ) health issue not just of the death that has happened, but of the known predictable result that the killing will continue to go on, as this Immense tragedy of the death of all life on earth unfolds in the dark hidden deep unwatched until it washes up, and even then, rarely will the photos be shown unless decontextualised in this Sea of Anomie. Truly a Silent Spring, too big even to make into art , put this eye in your pocket. and yes, at least begin this winced dialog that we may grow and learn from.