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Suzzy Roche
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Wayward Saints
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 HERSTORY  by Suzzy Roche

I began singing with my sisters when I was a kid.  Eventually, we became The Roches, and we performed professionally for over thirty years.  One day we were singing on the streets of New York City, and soon we were on stage in the clubs around Greenwich Village, and then a record deal. We’ve had a long career that has included surprising collaborations with other wonderful musicians, memorable shows, numerous recordings and countless songs, we wrote music for TV and movies and had a few appearances on the late night talk shows.  But most fortunately, our thoughtful listeners, who followed us for years, kept us going. It’s been a life of great creative opportunity.

      The Roches recorded eleven albums together that are listed in the discography, and there’s more information about The Roches at  I have made two solo recordings:  “Holy Smokes” and “Songs from an Unmarried Housewife and Mother, Greenwich Village, USA” (thanks to Bob Feldman ~ Also on Red House, my sister Maggie and I made “Why The Long Face” and perhaps the recording I am most proud of: “Zero Church: an unusual collection of prayers” (more info available on the Zero Church page)

      Once upon a time I studied Acting in college (SUNY Purchase) and I was in a few films (they are listed somewhere in the music and performances page). And though I never seriously pursued a career in acting, I had a long relationship with the infamous experimental theater company The Wooster Group (  I am forever grateful to director Liz Le Compte and the entire company for what I learned while rehearsing (many months, often scantily clad in the freezing cold) and then performing all over Europe and here in New York City over a ten year period. 

      On the other side of the spectrum, I also performed for a few years with The Four Bitchin’ Babes, ( great gals who took me in when I was hanging by a thread.  There I had my first opportunity to play the piano and sing on stage, and my one and only chocolate martini. We shared a lot of laughs.  I have many fond memories, though maybe I didn’t quite belong.

     But belonging is an interesting thing.  I have been inclined to go into uncharted territory, outside of the comfort zone, for sure.  That’s a big part of my biography, and if you scroll through the music and performance page, I think it’s obvious that I’ve wandered in unconventional ways, collaborating on shows with other musicians, writers, actors, and dancers.

     Speaking of uncharted territory, much to my surprise, I wrote two books that are about to be published.  “Wayward Saints” is a novel (or a fable) (Hyperion/pub date January 17, 2012) and also, delightfully, a children’s book (to be illustrated by Giselle Potter) entitled “Want to be in a Band?” (Random House/pub date January 2013).

      It would be ridiculous for me not to include my most important biographical note, which is that I was blessed with a daughter, Lucy Wainwright Roche, early in my career, and she is the joy of my life.

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