Steven Spiro

Steven Spiro is an ordained Buddhist Chaplain in the Zen Peacemaker Order and a core member of SnowFlower Sangha in Madison, Wisconsin. He offers companion-ship and spiritual support of the dying and their loved ones for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. He served as a volunteer EMT for ten years, four as assistant chief. He has developed and teaches Breathing Earth Qigong and is a Taiji instructor, a Reiki master practitioner in hospice, a Grandfather, and an artist.

Mr. Spiro co-facilitates activities designed to open conversations and create experiences around death and dying. With Karen Reppen and Grant Abert, he offers classes, courses, workshops, and retreats called Letting Go. These are available through faith communities, medical clinics, and community organizations.

Mr. Spiro is a member of the Great Circle Collaborative in Madison, Wisconsin, which facilitates Community Conversations on Death and Dying. They occur in coffee houses, libraries, churches, and other venues where people can gather in comfortable, informal settings. They simply provide a safe place for respectful sharing of life experiences around issues of dying and death.