If the Earth Was Destined to Die ... A Thought Experiment

December 7, 2014

Photo by nyu.edu

Philosopher Samuel Scheffler has a thought experiment he poses to friends, family, and students:  if you knew the earth would be destroyed 30 days after your death, would it change the way you live?  How?  Scheffler's experiment gets people thinking differently about the concept of an afterlife, and who it's for.   Take the survey HERE.

"Our capacity to find value in our lives seems to depend more in our confidence in the survival of the human race than it does in our own survival." Sheffler says. "The value of our lives isn't just a checklist of achievements - as if we paste on our tombstone our resume and we have a lot of impressive things on our resume - then we've got a very good life. It's not like that."