Rob Coley

Rob Coley
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Cloud Time
(Dean Lockwood, Rob Coley)

Rob has been teaching in the School of Media at the University of Lincoln (UK) since 2009, prior to which he worked as a photographer.  In his professional career, Rob has worked in the areas of social, studio, agricultural, aerial, arts and journalistic photography, with an extended tenure in the scientific and technical field.  His work has taken him to Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil and New Zealand, among many other less glamorous places.

He is also currently a PhD candidate, researching in the field of visual culture.  His thesis examines how a new logic of visuality is expressive of various social and political transformations bound up in the processes of our contemporary media ecology.  It responds, in particular, to a series of post-representational paradigms and various discourses of the digital.  A key area of Rob’s research is the concept of ‘fabulation’, as proposed by Deleuze, Nietzsche, Bergson and others.

Rob is actively publishing in the fields of media theory, visual and digital culture, contemporary literature, and pedagogy.  He is predominantly interested in working collaboratively and has co-written with several departmental colleagues.  An enthusiasm for collaboration is also central to his current photographic practice which seeks to eschew the customary pursuit of individual self expression and seize upon the medial function of photography as a tool for social engagement and change.

(SOURCE: University of Lincoln website)

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