Mike Greenberg

Greeny is a versatile member of the ESPN crew. He is ESPN's premier tennis and badminton expert in addition to his duties on Mike and Mike in the Morning. Greeny became interested in sports at a very young age. His first memories of sports were of those played right in his neighborhood. That's right, Greeny enjoyed watching the women's field hockey team at the high school next door and the senior bocce ball tournaments across the street. (The Greenberg trophy is still the top honor in NYC junior high school field hockey tournaments). While completing his degree at Northwestern, Greeny moonlighted as a referee for the NACA (North American Curling Association) and a sports columnist for the Northwestern Bee. He was a five-time winner of the MSA (Minor Sports of America) Journalism Award for his articles on soccer, badminton, lacrosse, and gymnastics.

Courtesy of ESPN Radio.