Max Decharne

Max Décharné is a rock'n'roll musician, author and journalist, probably best known for his being the drummer for Gallon Drunk and fronting his own band The Flaming Stars.

His writing career has encompassed short stories, journalism, songwriting, books on hipster slang and cinema. The latter two were an opportunity for Décharné to watch his favourite films and indulge his passion for pulp fiction novels from the 1950s and 1960s. He has written for magazines such Mojo and Bizarre, even writing on his North American tour with Gallon Drunk in the former. He was the last man to interview John Peel before he died (Peel and Décharné were mutual admirers). He has also acted in the film Pervirella, playing the role of the Curator.

Décharne now lives in London and Berlin.


Courtesy of Wikipedia