Mark Riechers

Mark Riechers
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Digital Producer

Mark is the digital producer for To the Best of Our Knowledge, dreaming up ways to share the conversations we have on the show online as well as spark new conversations between ourselves, our listeners and guests via social media. He's worked for publications including The A.V. Club, Isthmus, and others, on topics spanning food, beer, nerd culture, video games, film festivals, and the occasional op-ed on the economic value of reclining seats. He has formerly worked as a science communicator for the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Chicago, interviewing engineers and economists about their work and research and relating their discoveries to a mainstream audience.

Mark writes, produces and provides technical support for Tone Madison, a blog for art criticism in Madison, Wisconsin, as well don't die, an interview project where David Wolinsky interviews disaffected game designers and players about the past, present and future of the video game industry. He also occasionally finds time to indulge in a game or two from his Steam back catalog, sip a nice dark beer and binge watch Netflix originals.

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