Kip Winger Goes Classical: Studio Session

In the mid-80's the metal band Winger topped the charts with hits like "Seventeen." Then Grunge came along and left bands like Winger in the dust.  Now, Kip Winger is back on top with a new CD that debuted at #1 on the music charts.  Only this time, he's rocking the classical charts. His new album is "Conversations with Nijinsky"-- orchestral compositions performed by the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra. 

Hear the full range of Kip Winger's musical sensibility in this podcast, which takes us from "Seventeen" to classical compositions inspired by Stravinsky and Honegger.  Listen to a candid in-depth interview and eavesdrop as Kip rehearses and performs a haunting acoustic version of "Blue Suede Shoes" with a 17-year old high school cellist, and gives us a solo "Down Incognito" backed by jazz djembe.   It's a portrait of a musician who has come into his own as a mature and wide-ranging performer and composer.