Keli Carender

I am a girl who earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Math and a minor in Chemistry; one who has lived, studied, and worked in four other nations, and attended the University of Oxford. I am a girl who loves to read; loves politics; loves her country; fiercely supports the men and women in the armed forces; loves her family; is married to the most wonderful, sweet and thoughtful man (yippeee!); loves adventure; travels every so often; and finally, has come to realize that the people of the USA are in dire need of a basic Economics lesson as well as a review on individual rights and freedom. I am a girl who is dedicated to filling that educational void. I will not sit idly by and watch as social democrats, socialists, or communists attempt to dominate this country. I am ready to do my part and fight for liberty. Join me?

Courtesy of Redistributing Knowledge Blog.