Eric Carson

My primary research converges on the processes and sedimentary archives of streams near former glacial margins.  I am interested in questions ranging from millennial-scale variations in streamflow and flooding due to changes in past climates to historic records of landscape change and sediment mobility related to human-driven changes in vegetation cover and land use.  Within this framework, the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin is a prime example of this geomorphic setting and a major geographic focus for my research.

The primary projects I am currently pursuing in Wisconsin are STATEMAP-funded surficial geologic mapping in Grant County (to be expanded to a larger portion of the Driftless Area); an investigation of the sediments and stratigraphy in the Lower Wisconsin River Valley as a means of better understanding water supply, water flow, and flooding; and the completion of series of Survey publications on the glacial history of Door County.  Farther afield, my interest in stream systems near former glacial margins is the driving force behind research projects I am conducting in the Uinta Mountains of northeast Utah and the Finger Lakes region of western New York.