Ayelet Waldman on Trying to Be a Decent Mother

March 27, 2011

Writer Ayelet Waldman knows all about the trouble you can get into, writing about mother issues.  In an essay for the New York Times' Modern Love column, she confessed to loving her husband more than her children.  In her book, titled "Bad Mother", Waldman recounts many stories about what she calls "the perils and joys of trying to be a decent mother in a world intent on making you feel like a bad one." As she told Anne Strainchamps, that Modern Love controversy was a perfect example.



Thank you! I found myself listening to this brief few minutes on the radio while driving to pick up my child from school (late again) after slipping out the back door at work (hoping I wouldn't be missed) to rush her to an appt.. Ayelet Waldman summed up what I (and likely many mothers) face on a daily basis of feeling like a failure as a mother. This one interview knocked me off the fence about whether to renew my membership to public radio - check is in the mail. Thank you!