Marilynne Robinson on Being a Writer from the West

March 9, 2012

Marilynne Robinson is from Idaho, although she's spent years of her life on the East Coast.  The Western character is something Robinson has never let go of, it still informs her life and her writing today. She told Steve Paulson about what it means to be from the West, and her book of essays, "When I Was a Child I Read Books." 


I just listened to this interview, whilst driving home from church. I was thrilled by Ms Robinson's portrayal of her Idaho upbringing - me too !! I was raised in Caldwell, which was both a very small town and a college town, in the 1950's. I too was raised with books and the radio and conversation and stories....and quiet. It was glorious. My school years offered me intelligent teachers who expected excellence and respect as a matter of course - and they succeeded. What a delightful interview. I look forward to reading her work.