A Primer On Exploring White Privilege

How One Social Justice Educator Unpacked Her Long Held Assumptions About Race and Culture

October 18, 2015

For most of her life Debby Irving was largely unaware of race. It's not that she denied the existence of structural racism, but she didn't understand how race applied to her -- as a white woman. Then, when she was in her 40s, she enrolled in a course on race and cultural identity, and overnight became hyperaware of the privileges she'd been afforded throughout her life as a result of her skin color. That set her off on a journey to explore her own hidden assumptions about race and class, which she writes about in the book "Waking Up White, and Finding Myself In the Story of Race".



The American dream of the 1950's for whites was accomplished on the backs of ALL minorities who came out of the war and did NOT get to use the G.I. Bill.
Yet another dirty little secret of our country's past history....

Listening to this fanatic was embarrassing.

Thank you for today. After hearing your podcast I realized one the flaws in my Uber white upbringing is that my exposure to names from different cultures was very limited so today at 48 years old I struggle to pronounce and remember people's names who are not Anglo. I host an Airbnb and knowing people's names is inherent in them feeling at home so I have to be comfortable in my discomfort of asking how to pronounce which usually takes more than one go around for guests from India or Africa. Cheers to being comfortable in our discomfort. Christine