Exploring the Emotional Roots of Justice

Philosopher Martha Nussbaum on the corrosive effects of anger

September 25, 2016

Martha Nussbaum may be one of the most well-respected living philosophers in the world today. For years, she’s investigated how emotions shape our thoughts and political systems, developing new ways to think about social justice and reform. In her latest book “Anger and Forgiveness,” she explores the corrosive effect anger plays in our relationships, politics and criminal justice systems. She tells Steve Paulson that retribution and payback aren't compatible with true justice.



"Kant rightly claims that
(J) if our acts were merely events in time, we could not deserve to suffer.
We can add
(T) Our acts are merely events in time. Therefore (U) We cannot deserve to suffer."...
"Even if no one could ever deserve to suffer, we can have moral duties, and our acts can be right or wrong."
Parfit, Derek (2011-09-27). On What Matters:Two-volume set (Kindle Locations 5191-5195, 20332-20333). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.