For Some Veterans, the Return Home is the Hardest Part of Their Tour

December 4, 2016

For some veterans, coming home from war can often be a struggle. In his book "Tribe," journalist Sebastian Junger offers a nuanced and thought provoking take on why it’s so difficult and complicated for some returning veterans. He believes that it’s not combat that’s the problem. Instead, it’s something that’s missing from our culture: a sense of being part of a tribe.



What a great interview!

Marred only when Sebastian Junger claimed, "both sides do it", referring to politicians demeaning and vilifying their opponents.

While that claim is an obligatory trope among Beltway journalists, it is patently untrue. One side does it — and it seems to be paying of very handsomely as that side now controls all branches of the national government and many state governments, as well — and the other side doesn't do it.

What a shame this program DOES NOT provide written transcripts. To this 'Nam vet
Mr. Junger provided the best explanation of a war vets reaction to returning to
civilian like and PTSD, of which I suffer. I would have provided it to my friends, most
of which ignore the bird chatter/social babble extant. You misjudge your audience
which suggests your producers are hardly as thoughtful as some of your guests!

Hi Bill, 

As digital producer, I take responsibility for this—we provide written versions of each segment in the week following a show and the Junger interview hasn't been posted yet. I'm happy to hear the conversation would be of interest to your friends. We'll increase our hustle to make sure you can share future interviews more promptly. 

Has the written version been made available somewhere?

I thought I was the only one to feel alienated once I came back from combat. I mean you have spent most of your life in one area only to spend 1 year overseas and when you come back, everything looks familiar, but you feel like you're a stranger. For a short time, I was giving it serious thought of going back, back to a place that felt more like home. You are torn between a place that is DANGEROUS, and a place that "should" feel like home.