Poems in Our Pockets

June 15, 2012

The Poetry Foundation's mandate is to support "a vigorous presence for poetry." In our digital age, that means getting poems onto our screens, big and small. Catherine Halley run the Foundation's digital programs. She tells Anne Strainchamps about how people are reading poems online, and we sit on a meeting about a new project in development.

Also, you can hear more poems from Nikki Giovanni here!

The Poetry Foundation staff in the meeting are: Jim Sitar, David Schober, Nuria Sheehan, and Michael Slosek.




I found the interview you feature here to be very helpful! Thank you! I have contacted Poetry Foundation about the recommendation service mentioned, but I am very curious as to any additional information you may have? Have any further developments been followed up with? Please feel free to email me at rebeccaroach12@gmail.com. Thank you very much!