How to Find Happiness in Everyday Life and Language

Poet David Whyte on the beauty of our everyday words

January 10, 2016

Where do you turn to for inspiration on how to live a meaningful life? Religion? Family? Great books? Poet David Whyte finds inspiration in everyday words. In his book Consolations, Whyte examines the deeper, often surpising meanings of 52 ordinary words.



I was stunned to listen to David Whyte's interview this morning on TTBook, NPR. His eloquence was riveting. I felt in love. I yearn for men who can elucidate so. Wishes that he'd establish a School For Men went flying by. My one credit card is now heavy with orders for his books. Thanks.

I found this interview so helpful and timely. I just lost my second adult child to suicide and his words were so appropriate and truthfully spoken and are now riveted to my consciousness. Thank you.

I also found Whyte's words, and elocution, warm, wise, and beautiful, but the main reason i felt compelled to write here was to say to Charles Carson above -- i am so, so, so very sorry for your loss.

I also have known a person close to me who took her life, and i know what that feels like.

May your child's memory be a blessing, always.