The Case For Teaching Children About The Origins Of Diversity

October 18, 2015

Anthropologist Nina Jablonski believes we could reduce implicit bias in the future by teaching children about the evolutionary origins of humans and why we look different.



Thank you for teaching the kids, for facilitating same wherever you can - an essential service now!

Some Notes pub'd by myself over the years. But ok to use for the class if/as needed. Not for reprint without referencing my website (Chalicebridge.Com) - Thank you, Chris

That and a few of the basics of Gestalt Psychology. In short- everyone and every thing has it's perfect and honored place in the universe, In the gestalt whole And perfect nature, degrees, and timing of emphasis go into that (ok, that's getting into high school level. And the "perfect" part tosses in some Buddhist influence. Still...). The effort it takes to find *that honored place* shouldn't be hampered by silly, not to mention destructive, attitudes (of course?). Thence this class about evolutionary origins.

Logically speaking (at least to me) on *Balance* and *Learning*: Essentially diverse aspects of God (or that which connects all LIFE in the universe, call it Spirit, LOVE, or whatever you like) will simply not be herded into uniformity - not where time and space are part of experience, let alone for "eternity".

Meanwhile, we have means of altering our experience, the mind is designed (or has evolved for survival) to be adaptable. However, those that purposely cause others to have to employ all their wits and creativity just to maintain a balanced state of mind... that is, to force them into submission to their own perspectives (including those we call fundamentalists), will learn - in whatever way it takes - how to tolerate the essential diversity of all LIFE, especially of humankind. I tend to think that will entail experiencing the same fate as they once imposed on others.

I find it interesting that those who disagree most with the above, probably do so because they believe in a vengeful God. But they also allow us to see where the balance point is - since they seem to so insistently show us where the extremes are.

The case for diversity of human nature is fully evidenced in/by the case for *Compatibility*. We like similarity, but we Love, even require, a certain amount of Diversity when comes to *Interest maintenance*. This applies as well to building and maintaining biological strength & integrity. Healthy Immune function especially requires both properties of similarity & diversity. IE:
a) At Cellular Level: Bio Electricity (Ionic valence, etc) depends on variation/"opposition" of electric charge- and all that goes into causing that. Resonance & Dissonance both essential to bio-energetic process. Including among brain cells, myofascial neuron transmission, enzyme activity, etc.
IE: Blood Type in Transfusions- Bl.Type provides one of first interactive conflicts between humans at cellular level- resolving of conflict in certain kinds of organic interactions between/among people (ie: bacterial/fungal, molecular/cellular, via sexual/dietary/respiratory/etc) builds strength at cellular level, although/because for blood transfusions and organ transplants certain care must be taken with regard to compatibility. How often have we seen cases where we wait to see whether an organ transplant will "take", will be received w/o rejection at the cellular level? It's almost as if the essence of our strength comes from the human capacity for conflict resolution, even need for risk, at the cellular level.
b) At emotional level: *The Mix of Motivation*: Most people are driven by some mix of different motivation- some amount of love, of compassion, of pity, of guilt, of shame, of anger, of grief, of hate, of fear, etc. Part of what makes us human as well as interesting to each other is how these mixes vary- even in any one person over time and/or for different circumstances as a result of events and responses to them, etc.

[Pub'd at Facebook's Institute of HeartMath ], re: "Each Individual Impacts the Field Environment" The relationship between polarity and magnetism in energy fields, AND with the attributes of individuality and diversity... Considering that each being, were his/her potential to be fully developed, would be both *uniquely talented* with essential part to play and (thereby necessarily) *respectful of diversity* of others and each their part to play in the "gestalt" of Life. The design of humanity (IMO) provides for the potential to so fully develop via our genetic code - which is even now not so deranged that it cannot be repaired/"healed" before the trends in global crisis reach a threshold of no return. That is, we can shift if enough of humanity were to evolve to honor the diversity of humanity - in all the ways that implies. [see /Correlations...[11/19/09, "lecture": 4:44 AM -> notes]

The ego's true role, IMHO, is to maintain an individuality in order for us to fully appreciate the attributes of individuality and diversity, ... Considering that each being, were his/her potential to be fully developed, would be both *uniquely talented* with an essential part to play and (thereby fully logically) respectful of the diversity that facilitated that, and thus that of others and each their part to play in the "gestalt" of Life. The design of humanity (IMO) provides for the potential to so fully develop via our genetic code, to facilitate the challenge and gift of experience of relationship via the diversity of all Life, and all the learning that entails.

You might find interesting the chart, "Diversity & Coexistence as Related to the 'Gestalt Puzzle' of ALL LIFE" - an illustrated Metaphor was added to the "Gestalt Perspective" page: "Lets say that the ideals of *Diversity* & *Coexistence* - among all ‘who’ represents that, and all ‘that’ represents that - is conceptually represented by a sphere with an infinite number of spokes of any length in all directions so as to connect to ALL points within the sphere. ..." (