Why it's Hard to Read in the Electronic Age

July 26, 2015

Are we losing the ability to read difficult books? Cognitive scientist Maryanne Wolf says we need to develop a "bi-literate reading brain" so that we can switch back and forth between the deep reading of print and the skimming of electronic texts.



I've noticed changes in my reading behavior too because of the hop-skip-and-jump internet browsing style which is so addictive (and I'm not young either). It's encouraging that different reading styles use different parts of the brain, and we can maintain the two styles (or more maybe) of reading - the complex and rich literature style as well as the browsing. Also encouraged to write for children using some more complex sentence (and therefore thinking) structures, which I've been feeling intuitively, but discouraged from in my critique groups. There is a dogma out there that we might want to buck! A fascinating interview, had me riveted!