Getting High At Disney World

May 17, 2015

John Jeremiah Sullivan reads an abridged version of his essay, "You Blow My Mind. Hey, Mickey!" about getting high at Disney World.


and the winner of the "cheech and chong father of the year award" is, .... (drum roll) ...... , he's a stoner dude par excellence, a guy who's not content with a wonderful family and a beautiful four year old daughter, a guy who would jeopardize her safety and well being by being stoned most of the time ... and get this, he got blitzed at the magic kingdom and ... whoa, far out, man ... he wrote a story about it and read it on geezer-guy npr, put your hands together and show some toker love for ... whoa ... i forget his name. anyway, here he is, the dude guy.

thanks ttbook, for giving john jeremiah sullivan a chance to make a jerk out of himself. maybe he'll run for president. and thanks to the announcer for sensationalizing the story by "taking it up one more notch".