How To Reclaim Your Sense of Wonder

A "Phenomenal" Expedition

May 8, 2015

Leigh Ann Henion was a young mother when she felt her world closing in.  So she did something unconventional: she set off on a "wonder pilgrimage" to see some of the world's most astonishing natural phenomena.  She tells us about juggling motherhood with swimming in bioluminescent oceans, standing at the edge of active volcanoes, and witnessing vast animal migrations



Watch the 1970s movie SOYLENT GREEN for the great scene of Sol's death to understand what these phenomenon may come to, shadows on a screen instead of actual occurrences.

A great story, but SO many unanswered questions. Woman, with child, gallivants all over the world. Husband? Job? How did she finance these trips? You touch on the difficulty of balancing new motherhood with her travels. How? House husband? Single mom with unlimited monetary resources? Did she take the child with her, or leave him/her with her own parents? I would like to hear maybe a tiny bit less adventure, and much more reality. Many have dreams, but HOW did they make them happen. You don't just say, "Gee, I want to see the Great Coral Reef," and two days later be there. Great show, keep up the wonderful work, but please include a touch of reality. Thank you, Jerry Loeffelbein, Cashmere, Washington State.