The Snowden Files

July 6, 2014

A patriot is someone who loves and would fight for his or her country.   Does that include Edward Snowden?



Yes, Edward Snowden! And a hero! And a martyr!

You've got the question wrong. The question about Snowden isn't what his intentions were in making his leaks, but if the man is as patriotic and committed to justice as he claims, why did he run? Why didn't he step up to defend his claims, if he believed he was right, the way Daniel Elsberg did? And why did he release information that severely damaged international relations and the image of the country, rather than just internal matters? That's no patriot, in my book. That's a self-serving coward. Anybody can throw out accusations and then run away. He should have stood his ground and fought for his beliefs. Instead he turned tail and ran--THREE DAYS before the leaks were even made public. In no way can that be considered patriotic.

Edward Snowden was brave. Previous persons who tried to work through the system were subject to harassment (such as NSA senior executive Thomas Drake who was bankrupted by an aggressive Justice Department). There is a lot of investment by corporate and government power in this surveillance state. I don't think exposure of these powers would be tolerated.

What shocked me about this interview was the question regarding Snowden's generation. It assumed that all prior generations had no problem with government spying on its citizens. The value of freedom from governmental intrusion, the belief that government should NOT spy on its citizens is not a generational thing that came with the internet. It is a value that forms the basis for our freedoms, held by our founding fathers and all generations since. Anyone who thinks Snowden is not a patriot is naive and needs to get informed about how our government treats whistleblowers. Justice does not happen in those cases, people who have blown the whistle on this surveillance before Snowden have had their lives ruined by the government. Please get informed, for the sake of our country and our freedoms.