Little White Lies - Sam Harris

February 23, 2014

Do do I look good in this dress?  We all know the answer, right?  It’s "you look great." Even if that’s not quite true.  



My one complaint about this book is that it's too short. Sam avoids pointing out that the state, and the police shouldn't be lying, he seems to think lying is only bad for the average joe, He gives lip service to corporate and media lying and treachery and focuses on how you're making a big mistake lying by complementing someone. A good read and worth every penny, but a woefully inadequate view of honesty.

I was ten years old, and getting derision from other 5th graders, when my parents finally told me there was no Santa. I remember asking; does that mean there is no Easter Bunny. It was painful at the time. I wondered why my parents had lied to me for so long.

Mr. Harris avoids what is the real issue in this problem. What should one say if one has no opinion?