Marina Lutz on "The Marina Experiment"

September 9, 2012

Filmmaker Marina Lutz talks about her award-winning documentary, "The Marina Experiment," which chronicles her shocking discovery about her father.



Thank you for the story about Marina Lutz, I have thought it would have been great to be able to go back in time and see myself as a child in more than photos but what her father did is such a violation of her innocence. It is very sad and disheartening that a parent would do this to their child. My heart goes out to her and she has done her best to learn from her circumstances. Another step in healing is her ability to share her life and have others learn from it.

I'm not hearing bullying. I'm not hearing abuse. What I am hearing is you vilifying your father, apparently now dead, post-mortem, and casting him as a perverted, malign male in a way which conforms to your, and to your therapist's, victimology narrative.

If it weren't for the very many real victims who have been terribly injured and destroyed by the false accusations which have been the product of post-therapeutic "discoveries" of abuse, I would say that there is little harm done by your efforts.

Sadly, however, such counter-narratives have rarely been told but stories such as your own have been the endless and unassailable diet of western culture for thirty years now and have formed the basis for a fundamental re-ordering of society along strictly paranoid and suspicious lines, eroding trust, diminishing community and devastating men, male children, and individual liberty.

That women and children are now being persecuted by this same witch hunt says much about the paucity of remaining male victims left undamaged by this relentless and perverse juggernaut.

I say that it is time to stop "congratulating" all of the self-proclaimed "victims" for their ostensible courage and look, instead, to correcting a great evil and an injustice that has rolled across our culture and our people for so long, unchallenged.

David, I can only surmise that you have been the subject of such a "witch hunt" to reply so vociferously. I listened to this a couple of times and I'm not sure how you're not hearing abuse or bullying.
I have been the clinical director of a child advocacy center in which forensic interviews and forensic medical exams are conducted in cases of alleged physical and sexual abuse. I ran the therapy program where we practiced a trauma focused type of therapy that is evidence based.
This woman has tapes and photos of herself AT THE TIME which corroborate her feelings of exploitation, an inability to say no to her father, her sense of helplessness at what he was doing with her, and photos that indicate he had a deep interest in pornography in general, and pedophilia as it relates to his daughter. Why would any father take a photo of his 14 year old daughter in her underwear and then not include her face? The fact that you don't get this is disturbing to me. Your defense of this man is telling.

What is the solo piano music played after this interview??