Working Undercover As A Private Prison Guard

September 25, 2016

Most of us will never know what life in prison is really like. It’s mostly off limits to the public and to many in the press, but criminal justice reporter Shane Bauer had a wild idea to gain access: for four months he worked undercover as a guard at a private prison. His resulting expose was recently published in Mother Jones magazine, and in it he details appalling conditions, both for inmates and guards.



Thanks for the info

Great interview. I have not worked in a Prison, but I know the places are inhumane and take advantage of prisoners and what is even worst, I have seen first hand prisons extorting money from prisoner's families. I know of one mentally ill person that was having problems with medication and he stole a bike. That is not acceptable and the person should have to be held accountable in some form or fashion, or maybe even helped. What did America do? What it exceptional? Exceptionally bad perhaps. America threw this mentally ill person in prison and took away his drugs. He started climbing the walls and attacked a guard. The fact you can die by instantly stopping medication for some forms of mental illness did not seem to bother the Prison system. Also, prison doctors seem to know so much more than anyone else about drugs. They stopped giving ADHD medication to another prisoner. And to get enough food, pillows and other neccesities, the system extorts money from families that are struggling to make ends meet. The system throws away people into prisons and then wonders why we have problems. If you want to know what is wrong with America, just look in the mirror.