Why Is The Internet Toxic For Women?

Glitch lady
August 26, 2017
(was 03.20.2017)

Ask any woman who spends much time online and she’ll tell you – being a woman on the internet means coping with abuse and harassment.  In one study, nearly half of the women surveyed had been harassed online – and 76 percent of those under 30. As a society, why do we have to put up with this? And how do we fight back?


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  1. Abused Game Developers Can’t ‘Just Go Offline’ to Escape

    For women with jobs that depend on being online, threats have a serious chilling effect on their daily existence.

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  2. When You’re Under Siege Online, How Can the Law Help?

    There’s a serious financial cost to being a victim of online harassment.  So where’s the law when you need it?

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  3. Facing Fox News and Reddit Trolls, Journalist Lauren Duca Persisted

    After her tweet went viral, the Teen Vogue editor found herself arguing with Tucker Carlson. And then it got worse.

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  4. Writer’s Advice from Roxane Gay: Write Truth and Get Uncomfortable, Online Or Off

    The novelist and feminist critic talks about tackling her trolls and “writing to the point of uncomfortability.”

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  5. A Broad History of Sexism, As Witnessed By A Feminist Scholar

    Siri Hustvedt empathizes with women developing voices on new platforms, all while coping with old-fashioned sexism. 

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