Why An Iconic Folk Musician Stopped Playing And Started Making Instruments

Multi-instrumentalist David Bromberg On Finding A Second Act As A Violin Maker

March 27, 2016

David Bromberg was once a legendary name in the American folk scene, but then he disappeared. He stopped performing and ultimately discovered a new career as a violin maker and collector. He's since returned to music, put together a quintet, and recorded a Grammy-nominated album. He dropped by our studios to perform a few songs and talk about his journey away from and back to music.



What was the name of the song David Bromberg sang at the end of the segment?

That last song is Summer Wages, from David's album How Late'll Ya Play Till? I'm pretty sure it was written by Ian Tyson (Ian & Sylvia) in the late 60s.

David is a most sincere and hard-working guy.

outstanding performer (that last song was, "Summer Wages"