What It's Like To Be A Real Life Spy Girl

Valerie Plame Wilson Debunks Popular Tropes About Female Agents

August 30, 2015

Television is rife with shows about female spies, whether it's Nikita, Covert Affairs, the Americans, or Homeland. It really seems like spy girls are having a moment on TV, but how true to life are these popular depictions? We turned to former CIA operations officer Valerie Plame Wilson to find out.


1.) I bought your book and watched the Sean Penn movie. 2.) I wish you the best of luck with your post-government career. America has relied the ingenuity, moral fiber, ethics and devotion to democracy & freedom of countless women & men, since colonial times, to build a free and fair republic. By working as the face and voice of an intelligence community that needs morally accountable employees to protect our liberties, you are uniquely positioned to personally demonstrate that even though the US government has made deadly mistakes in the past and doubtless will do so in the future, our civil society protects and honors people who work to make a more perfect union, by the best methods at their command.

Do you have insight into spy boys too?