Truly Fake - The Story of Moshe Moses Shapira

August 17, 2014

Mishy Harman is the host of the "Israel Story" radio program. The first season of "Israel Story" in English, starts August 18th on the Vox Tablet podcast.

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It is unfortunate that you are doing this w/ "Israel Story" radio program . Will you now seek out the Palestinian story? Read this for instance by a Doctor in Gaza - Mona al-Fara. It appeared in the NYT and the local (Berkeley) MECA organization has the story.

I am NOT asking for censorship, just fairness. That is a sense of your ethical responsibilities given the media access you have.




Good episode but numerous minor errors in detail that would not be noticed by most people, and are mostly of no significance. However one error is substantial. One person being interviewed says "they say his library was burned", a reference to the theory of Alan David Crown (published in December 1970 issue of Revue de Qumran) that the Deuteronomy manuscript was burned in the library of Sir Charles Nicholson. That theory has now been debunked. For the debunking see the recent documentary film by Yoram Sabo, "Shapira & I"