True Detective - Nic Pizzolatto

May 25, 2014

HBO's hit series "True Detective" is an uncanny blend of police procedural and metaphysical inquiry, set in the Louisiani bayous. In this exclusive interview, creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto tells Steve Paulson the backstory to the show, and provides a glimpse at what's in store for season 2 (hint: it won't take place in Louisiana).



A Master Piece! Thanks.

Mr. Pizzolatto,
I have a true detective story that almost mirrors your True Detective show. It is a story told by my father in law which has been in the local papers about devil worshipers, pink gargoyles, kidnapping, homosexuality, drugs and murder. I would love to direct you the real people who are still alive that investigated these murders. My father in law has real footage of the investigation. I would love to see a True Detective movie made based off of this true story. I don't know how to contact you but if you are interested, please respond to this comment. I don't want to publish my contact information in an open forum.

Hello Nick Pizzolatto . Your TV series tremendous. But, I want to tell that the end not absolutely corresponds to the subject line. Throughout all history it was talked of "the king in yellow", but the main villain doesn't approach under this description, rather it appeared as the mad fanatic performer. Looking through your magnificent picture I thought that would be quite good if the main villain – "the king in yellow" – appears any high-ranking official (after all more than once detectives Cole and Martie mentioned in a TV series that took not all persons involved in crimes) and all TV series seasons conceived by you "the present detective story" will develop on one subject line, but in different places and with other circumstances. And in the conclusion all told stories will unite in one. It is thought that it would be besides quite good to make secret societies as the anti-hero, for example: illuminates, masons, etc. In secret and which terrible world in every season there are detectives.
It seems to me that for the leading positive role of one of seasons Johnny Depp well would approach. After all, unfortunately, to the talented actor hasn't the luck to act in a picture where he could show the actor's talent as it was made in your work by Mathew Makkonakhi and Woody Harrelson.
And in general work magnificent. Thank you.

Hi Mr Pizzolatto

let's say I have a idea for a tv show. How do I make sure the people / studio i pitch my idea to don't just steal this idea and do it themselves?

Thank you

Why is it that all aspiring directors have a hard time with bad grammar? hey Nick, I have a great idea for a Detective of True nature. A grammar police officer is fed up from reading terrible ideas for movies. He is on the cusp of getting promoted to Grammar Detective, but....
I don't know where I am going with this.

In the off chance that you read this. Congrats on season 1. Season 2 is still good enough to get hung on the refridgerator.