Trauma and the Senses - Extended Interview

September 28, 2014

In Super Senses, psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk talked about how trauma disrupts people's relationship with their body. This extended interview includes more on studies into how trauma rewires the brain, and how yoga can help people heal.



There are so many modalities now which help release body/mind held trauma...Dr. Berceli's TRE; Gary Craig's EFT; Robert G. Smith's FasterEFT; Bandler/Grinder's NLP; Picture Tapping; Matrix Reimprinting; and more. So many without necessarily talking the story again...often starting with the feeling in the body...recognizing and inviting natural we learn so much more about plasticity...learning to help ourselves, and others, out of our Selve's way. Elegant rewiring...soldered with deep respect and recognition of each individual...creating the 'therapy that works' as we learn our individual paths.

NPR...rewiring my brain daily. <3