Transforming Traditions

October 23, 2011

As Western economies struggle, some Eastern economies are booming.  India and China now threaten to surpass the West as economic – and political – superpowers.   But it’s not just politics that’s changing in South Asia.  Across the region, centuries-old religious traditions are also entering a new age.

  1. Lobsang Sangay on leading Tibet

    Earlier this year, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet handed over the last of his political power, to a secular, Harvard-educated politician. Lobsang Sangay left his fellowship and family in the United States to take up his new post, and all of its challenges.


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  2. MC Yogi on Sacred Hip Hop

    Hip Hop meets yoga?

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  3. William Dalrymple on "Nine Lives"

    Travel writer William Dalrymple has lived in India since 1989, witnessing the economic boom and the cultural changes that followed.

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  4. Stephen Batchelor on Rethinking Buddhism

    Stephen Batchelor wants contemporary Buddhists to re-think the life of the Buddha.

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