Time Travel

July 2, 2017
(was 10.09.2016)

Time plays such a big part in our lives, it's no wonder we're fascinated by the idea of escaping it. And what better way to escape it that to travel back into the past or forward into the future? This hour, we explore our obsession with time travel.  Why is such a recurring them in movies and TV shows? And what can time travel teach us about ourselves?

  1. Why Are We So Obsessed with Time Travel?

    James Gleick is a science writer with a particular interest in the cultural impact of technology. He's written a number of best-selling books, including "The Information," "Faster," and "Chaos." And Gleick's just come out with a mind-bending book called "Time Travel: A History."

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  2. Going Back in Time to Prevent a Tragedy

    Maybe time has its origins in grief and longing for people we've lost. That idea certainly resonates with theoretical physicist Ron Mallett. He's spent a lot of his career studying time -- which he traces back to the tragedy that marked his childhood.

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  3. Reliving Groundhog Day

    Do you ever have the feeling that you're stuck in a time loop? That you're on auto pilot doing the same things day after day after day? You probably know the feeling but hopefully, you've never literally experienced it the way Bill Murray's character does in the hit comedy, "Groundhog Day." Harold Ramis directed the film and co-wrote it with Danny Rubin. Rubin talks about writing the story and the film's enduring impact.

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  4. A Radical New View of Time

    We all think about time but probably not as deeply as the groundbreaking theoretical physicist Lee Smolin. Smolin has created a radical new view of the nature of time and the cosmos. He lays it out in a book called "Time Reborn: From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe."

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  5. A Novel Based on a Real-Life Time Capsule

    Alyson Richman is the author of six historical novels. Her latest is called "The Velvet Hours" and it was inspired by a recent newspaper story in the Paris press.

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