The Art of Television

December 14, 2014
(was 05.25.2014)

Television used to be formulaic. Today, it’s the best gig around. We examine the explosion of high quality TV, from The Sopranos and The Wire to Mad Men, and talk with the creator of HBO’s True Detective.

  1. TV Revolution - Alan Sepinwall

    From The Sopranos and Friday Night Lights to The Wire and Breaking Bad, we're living through a TV revolution.  TV critic Alan Sepinwall gives the backstory of this explosion of great shows.

    To read Alan Sepinwall's blog, click here.

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  2. True Detective - Nic Pizzolatto

    In a HBO's hit series "True Detective" is an uncanny blend of police procedural and metaphysical inquiry, set in the Louisiani bayous.  Creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto gives Steve Paulson the backstory.

    To see Pizzolatto's website, click here.

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  3. "Husbands" - Brad Bell & Jane Espenson

    Is "Husbands" the future of television?  The Internet show is billed as the first marriage equality sitcom.  Creators Brad Bell and Jane Espenson explain how it fits in the long tradition of comedies fostering social change.

    Click here for Season One, Two and Three.

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  4. Dangerous Idea: A Different Draft?

    Ralph Nader's Dangerous Idea? Drafting the children and grandchildren of elected representatives.

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  5. On Our Minds: Iraq War Poetry

    Kevin Powers has spent the last decade reflecting on his experiences as a machine gunner in Iraq in 2004 and 2005.  He talks about his new poetry collection "Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting."

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