Sy Montgomery on Octopus Mind

November 4, 2012

No creature is more mysterious and amazing than the octopus.  Science writer Sy Montgomery discovered this first-hand when she met Athena, an octopus at the New England Aquarium.

You can also hear the extended interview and read the extended transcript.



I know you were talking about another cephalopod; however, I was struck by the comment that the octopus has no social life. I observed small squid/cuttlefish swimming in groups off the coast of Bermuda. In fact, the fishermen there knew that if you could catch one of the group, you could catch them all. They would refuse to leave their companion. It surprised me that the octopus would be so different. Thanks for the story. Very interesting.

Amazing read. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and I have my eyes set on marine biology. I had never read 20000 leagues under the sea but after I felt like a fool because of how little I knew about the the ocean and ocean life. Student grants for single mothers to pursue a biology degree would be beneficial, right?

Fasinating, I loved the subject