Susan Ehrlich: When the Patient is Your Father

January 19, 2012

As a practicing pediatrian with 30 years experience, essayist Susan Ehrlich has plenty of experience dealing with the sick. But she’s had less practice standing by when the news is painful, and she’s not the doctor, but part of the patient’s family. 



Susan, you are a wonderful writer! How did you keep the story about you and your dad so objectively accessible to those of us, the listeners, when it was about your dad? I listened with an interest in the story, but with my emotions going towards my own father's dying. I am touched by your story, and how I related to it. I was crying by the time it ended. Your father would be proud of more than you becoming a physician, I think.

Beautiful Susan. Dad always was proud to call you "My daughter, the doctor." Doctor or no doctor, I'm proud to call you my sister. Love, Jerry