Stories of You

February 3, 2013
(was 02.19.2012)

Who are you?

A man? A woman?

Are you a success? A failure?

A parent? An athlete? A wallflower?

A Christian? A Buddhist? A baker? 

If we are only a collection of stories about ourselves... what's the truth of who "we" are? 

Looking for UNCUT interviews? Here's Jonathan Harris and Gangaji.

Looking for the link to Cowbird? Here it is!

  1. Narrative Identity 101

    The evidence is mounting... "we" are mostly who we think we are. Our identities are mental constructs, cobbled together from memory and stories. Jonathan Adler gives us a crash course in narrative identity and mental health. 

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  2. Forget Your Self

    Producer Sara Nics on the story behind this show... how she's tried to come to terms with our narrative selves.

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  3. You & Your Brain

    Neuroscientists say that about a quarter of our mental energy is dedicated to maintaining our narrative identities. Julian Keenan says there's got to be an evolutionary benefit for all that "self".

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  4. Contemplating Our Selves

    American spiritual teacher Antoinette Varner - also known as Gangaji - says it's possible to transcend our stories about ourselves. She tells Steve Paulson that to truly know yourself, just drop who you think you are, and pay attention to the "I". You can also hear the UNCUT version of this interview here.

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  5. Stories of Us

    Rather than making our stories better - or attempting to stop telling them altogether - Jonathan Harris is helping people combine their stories in a bid to unveil the "ecstatic truth" of human life. Anne Strainchamps asked Harris about his storytelling platform, Cowbird.

    Listen to the UNCUT interview here.

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