"Steal Like an Artist" mashup

October 6, 2013

 TS Eliot: "Good artists copy; great artists steal."   


As promised, here is a list of all the songs we sampled in this piece:

The iPhone Marimba ringtone – Composer Unknown, but rumored to be Dr. Gerhard Lengeling

The Basketball Beat – X-Phaze

“Napalm In The Morning” Scene from Apocalypse Now – John Milius (writer), Francis Ford Coppola (director)

Die Walküre, Act III, “The Ride of the Valkyries” – Richard Wagner

Nu Bop – Matthew Shipp

Jeremy Denk Interview – “Modern Genius” -  To The Best of Our Knowledge (stealing from TTBOOK in a segment on stealing for TTBOOK)

Finlandia, Op. 26 – Jean Sibelius, who was greatly influenced by Die Walküre

“A Choir of Angels” – Sampled and “slowed 800%” by WilliamHwaJinL

Creation Scene from Frankenstein – Francis Edward Faragoh and Garret Fort (adapting Mary Shelley’s novel), James Whale (director)

Nu Bop (Version 2) – DJ Spooky & the Matthew Shipp Trio



I missed the radio show. Where can I download the mash up? I really wanted to hear it.