Stanislav Grof on Non-Ordinary Consciousness

October 30, 2012

Long before Timothy Leary's study of LSD, Czech psychiatrist Stanislav Grof launched his own investigation of psychedelics.  Since then he's devoted his life to exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness.  He tells Steve Paulson that his work on psychedelics made him question the standard scientific account of consciousness.

You can also listen to the EXTENDED interview, and read the extended transcript.



Thank you for this interview.

Very nice!

Thank you! Look forward to checking out his work. I took LSD a number of times in the late 1960s, and it changed my life. I had wanted to use it with a therapist, but he demurred because it wasn't legal and there wasn't a controlled environment in which to do it. I am interested in any research that might be under way now...