Speaking English

November 14, 2004
(was 01.04.2004)

It’s one of the great stories in the history of books.  James Murray was a poor kid from Scotland who dropped out of school at age 14.  Somehow, he taught himself the history of words in various languages, and went on to create the world’s greatest dictionary.  In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge Simon Winchester tells the remarkable story of James Murray and the Oxford English Dictionary.

  1. Paul Flores and Marc Bamuthi Joseph on Spoken Word Poetry

    Paul Flores and Marc Bamuthi Joseph are spoken-word poets in the San Francisco Bay area. 

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  2. Simon Winchester on the Oxford English Dictionary

    The Oxford English Dictionary was created in 1857, and was expected to be finished within ten years. The first edition was finally completed 71 years later.

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  3. Abram de Swaan on Dominance of English

    Abram de Swaan is a Dutch sociologist who studies the politics of language.  He tells Steve Paulson that English is the worldwide language of business and diplomacy, though many wish it weren’t.

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  4. Billy Collins on the Art of Poetry

    Billy Collins has stepped down as America’s Poet Laureate, but he hasn’t stopped trying to make poetry more accessible and more widely read.

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