Sonic Sidebar: Looking for Palestine

March 2, 2014

Najla Said is a Palestinian-Lebanese Christian Arab-American who grew up on New York’s Jewish Upper West Side.   And she’s the daughter of the late Edward Said –the famous Palestinian intellectual and activist. 




New York's Jewish Upper West Side???????? Have any of you ever been out of Wisconsin? If' you'd stop being so condescending to your guests, and let them come to their own conclusions, you would have a better show. To The Best Of Our Knowledge continues to be a tour de force in regional mediocrity.

Hi there! I really enjoyed Najla Said's story (as I do just about everything I hear on TTBOOK!) but I was really entranced by the music that was playing underneath her Sonic Sidebar piece Looking for Palestine... how can I find out what that song was? I'd love to add it to my library... Thanks!