Sonic Sidebar: Daniel Kahneman, "Thinking, Fast and Slow"

March 2, 2014

Nobel Prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman talks with Steve Paulson about his book, "Thinking, Fast and Slow."



Great interview, but spoiled by too load "background" music.

I have to agree. I wanted to share this podcast but the music made the ideas seem less serious than they are. It was a good experiment though.

I have never understood why broadcasts go to the trouble to offer us excellent great information only to obscure it with listening interference. BCC loves to do this. It makes me feel like the broadcasters assume the listeners are too shallow or too stupid to be able to tolerate just listening to intelligent ideas. Why do you think we need extra entertainment? But I rush to say I'm extremely grateful for your otherwise excellent programs.

I thought it was just me. Music actually interfered with the interview. I could not separate the two very well. Was a struggle.

I think music can be a very appropriate complement to the words in an interview, either as reinforcement or as a counterpoint. In all the years listening to your wonderful show, I have never had a problem with it. However, the music choice and mix in this piece made understanding what was being said, let alone the concepts being related, nigh impossible. The piano was grating and far too insistant.
But, let me offer a tip for your editor, should you find that you must still use this type of background in the future. Remember that people will be hearing your show in a number of different situations. So, before you publish, burn an mp3 to your portable device and play it back through your car speakers - while driving, or listen with earbuds while walking. You will be able to see how the mix really sounds. It's never going to be as good as in your studio. Lower registered voices often get lost in a car's road rumble and the higher frequencies push through. I think that was part of the case with Kahneman's interview.
Thanks for reading this, and thank you for an otherwise rich learning experience. TTBOOK has definitely widened my world.