Slavoj Zizek on Living in End Times

August 7, 2011

Slavoj Zizek is the wild man of philosophy - the "world's hippest philosopher," says the Telegraph.  Zizek talks about the hidden atheism of Christianity, the danger of poets in power, and the inherent limits of capitalism and liberal democracy.  In  a freewheeling interview, he speculates on why we might reach a "zero point" in history.



I'm surprised that no one has yet to make the connection between the outrageous and despicable looting happening now in London, and Zizek's intimations that Violence is the acceptable answer spouted irresponsibly throughout the popular media.

What a wonderful interview! Thanks,

I listened with interest to the interview as it is rare to hear someone with more than the vaguest knowledge of the Bible on NPR. I was astounded by Mr. Zizek's representation of Job 38-42. He claims that God confirms the meaningless of life and suffering. An objective reading of the passage reveals instead that God confirms i) his position as the sovereign creator and ruler of the universe and ii) man's inability to fully comprehend His purpose in our lives. I would encourage you to read the book for yourself.